FLORIAN trade fair: EMPL to present prototype from LF-KatS series and THW multi-purpose support truck


EMPL will be at this year’s FLORIAN trade fair in Dresden with the prototype of its LF-KatS vehicles, which the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) has ordered via the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI), as well as a multi-purpose support truck for use by the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). The pumper on a Mercedes Atego chassis and the multi-purpose support truck on an MAN TGM chassis will be unveiled to visitors from 13 to 15 October.

The FLORIAN trade fair for fire fighting, civil defence and disaster control is a real success story. Over 15,000 square metres, more than 220 exhibitors will be showcasing current technologies and concepts for decision-makers from fire brigades, rescue services and civil protection this year.

The LF-KatS pumper
This exhibition vehicle is the prototype from the LF-KatS series, for which a firm order of 60 + 1 has already been placed, with the option of purchasing a further 121 or so vehicles on top. The series of new structurally identical LF-KatS vehicles is currently being manufactured in EMPL’s new production workshops in Zahna-Elster.

The pumper is set on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 1327 AF 4x4 chassis. The driver and crew compartment is designed for a team of 1+8. Two seats are equipped with EMPL-Eagle mounts for breathing apparatus, while two additional sets of compressed-air breathing apparatus are located in G4 in a spring-loaded folding bracket.

The vehicle employs the MOD Tech design, the proven concept comprising three independent modules: original driver’s cab of the lorry chassis, crew compartment and equipment compartment structure. The three modules mean that the cross-country mobility of the vehicle is not affected and the torsional abilities are maintained. In addition, no major interventions in the original cab are necessary and the drive technology can be easily accessed by tilting the cab.

The LF-KatS comes with a 1,000 l water tank, an FPN 10/2000 low-pressure centrifugal fire fighting pump with pump and roll function, a fast-attack line with a C Storz coupling, two looped pressure hoses and a loose coupling with a hollow jet pipe in G6. Equipment compartment 1 contains a PFPN 10-2000 portable pump on a carriage that can be extended and lowered. Two folding standing platforms are mounted to the right and left of the control station at the rear.

The roof can be accessed via a diagonally folding ladder. It houses a four-part sectional ladder, six A suction hoses and an A suction head as well as a roof box for three hose protection ramps and a collapsible tank that can hold 5,000 l of extinguishing water. There is also a spare wheel with removal device and a folding light mast on the roof.

The equipment in the body includes: a 5 kVA power generator; a stretcher; barriers and support bars; a power saw and anti-cut clothing; hollow jet pipes; C, B and D pressure hoses; B and C hose carrying baskets; a basket for use in forest fires; fire flappers; floodlights; a tripod; a foam agent container; a submersible motor pump; ABC powder and CO2 extinguishers; and much more besides.

A multi-purpose support truck for THW’s specialist team for emergency supply/emergency repairs
The nationwide specialist team for emergency supply/emergency repairs was founded in 2019 at the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) as part of the new tactical unit model. It has a wide range of tasks such as illumination, pumping, transporting loads, working at and on the water, or technical support.

The multi-purpose support truck on an MAN TGM 18.290 4x4 BB with a double cabin (1+6) is equipped with a platform body with sliding tarps on the sides and a fixed tarp roof, as well as a Dhollandia tail lift for accommodating wheeled containers. The hydraulic tail lift with a capacity of 2 t can handle even heavy equipment and machines. With the permanently installed lifting truck, no machine equipment (e.g. forklift) is required for loading and unloading. Airline rails, lashing points and combination anchor rails in the side panels allow for flexible load securing.

If the space is needed for transport tasks, the roll-on containers can be unloaded from the vehicle quickly and flexibly using the tail lift. This allows the team to transport, for example, wood for supporting unstable buildings or a large number of sand bags for flood events. Nine locations with EUR pallet size are available in total.

A device carrier is installed behind the double cab, equipped with a power generator, a rescue basket, first aid equipment, traffic control equipment, lighting, ADR equipment and much more. The integrated equipment compartment is particularly suitable for building temporary bridges as the required tools are permanently positioned in the vehicle without taking up any of the actual loading area.

Come and see us at the FLORIAN trade fair in Dresden – Stand F 44 in the outdoor area.
We are looking forward to your visit!

EMPL: Your vision. Our challenge.

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