EMPL supplies multi-purpose fire-fighting vehicle with extinguishing arm for bp Lingen factory fire service


After EMPL already supplied a mighty 4-axle rescue vehicle with crane to the factory fire service of bp Lingen in the summer of 2020, another special-purpose vehicle was now handed over.

The multi-purpose fire-fighting vehicle, which is equipped with all available extinguishing agents, offers the option of emitting water or foam through the EMPL Scorpio extinguishing arm at a height of up to 25 m.

The Lingen site

Since 2002, the refinery in Lingen has been part of the bp group, one of the world’s largest energy companies. Around 750 employees currently work at bp Lingen. Around 5 million tons of crude oil are processed every year to produce fuels, heating oil and chemical intermediate products that are sold to wholesalers, intermediaries and to customers at fuel stations. bp Lingen is one of the most high-performing refineries in Europe today. 

Extinguishing arm

The body set on a Scania P 500 XZ chassis is equipped with a 3000-l water tank with integrated heating, 2 x 1500-l foam tanks, a 750-kg powder extinguishing system and a 180-kg CO2 extinguishing system. 3 equipment compartments with solid, powder-coated, lockable, dust-tight and water-tight EMPL aluminium roll-up doors with bar lock closure are installed on each side. All roll-up doors are equipped with self-tightening closing straps. Folding self-supporting platforms are provided on the left and right side, as well as folding wings by the 2nd front axle, which can each support a load of 270 kg.

The equipment compartment in the rear features a flap with integrated roll-up door and houses the type 10000 installation pump with integrated low-pressure foam addition system and the pump control panel. A 720-l gear pump with hydraulic drive and a 30-l piston pump with electric drive are installed here. Each output can be selected individually – water and water/foam can be run in parallel. 2 swivelling one-person hose reels, each with 3 type A hoses, are additionally provided at the rear.

The roof features a railing that is automatically raised when the roof access ladder is actuated, a light mast with 42000 lumen, a thermal camera system with 10-inch screen on the pump control panel, a 360° bird-view camera, a 4-part sectional ladder with 4 type B suction hoses on an electric ladder lowering unit, a type 12000 roof cannon on a lifting unit and the 25-m SCORPIO aluminium extinguishing arm with a type 4000 cannon. The extinguishing arm can be rotated through 360° and is supported within the contour markings of the vehicle during operation.

Each side of the body features an A pump inlet with a 20-m A line connected and 2 additional 20-m A lines with quick-release coupling. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a 30-m C fast attack with a hollow jet tube, 2 30-m hose packages with connected jet tubes and, on each side, separately controllable 50-m CO2 fast attacks and 50-m powder fast attacks with 30-m extension on electrically operated reels. Another powder outlet is provided on the passenger side for supplying a stationary extinguishing unit.

The extensive equipment includes 1 portable 5000-l, 2 portable 3000-l and 1 portable 2000-l water cannon, a ventilation unit, a sectional ladder, an emergency backpack, a mist extinguishing system, a thermal imaging camera, a gas measuring device, breathing apparatuses, pressure hoses, hose carrying baskets, a pressure spraying unit, and much more. The passenger seat is equipped with an integrated CABA bracket.

EMPL:  Your vision – our challenge!

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